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What You Need to Know About MCSD’s Voted PPEL

What You Need to Know About MCSD’s Voted PPEL

MCSD’s voted Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) will be up for approval on Tuesday, March 5, and we want to make sure everyone knows what this means and what your options are for casting a ballot.

For those who are unsure, a voted PPEL is approved by our district’s voters every 10 years and provides MCSD with funds that can only be used for infrastructure and equipment repairs, purchases, and improvements. This money is an important part of the district’s budget and it’s used for everything from roof repairs and improving school safety, to technology purchases and school bus replacement.

The current PPEL rate is $0.67 per $1,000 of taxable property value. We are asking voters to consider raising that to $1.34. Despite the increase, MCSD is positioned financially to make changes that allow the district’s overall tax levy rate of $15.99 remain flat, meaning an increase of the voted PPEL will not raise taxes.

There will be two upcoming information sessions to help spread the word about what’s on the ballot. Please share this information with anyone you feel could be interested.

As mentioned, election day is Tuesday, March 5. The polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. If you’re not sure where your polling location is, you can find it on the Secretary of State’s website:

Registered voters are able to request a mailed absentee ballot through the Marshall County Auditor’s Office. The final day to request a mailed ballot is Monday, February 19. Ballots must be received by the auditor’s office before the polls close on election day to be considered for counting.

In-person absentee voting will also be available for the district’s registered voters beginning Wednesday, February 14. This option is available until Monday, March 4, and can be completed at the county auditor’s office on the third floor of the Marshall County Courthouse during regular business hours.

More information about the voted PPEL, including answers to FAQs, can be found at